EV Charger Installation Services 

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Electric vehicle charging under a carport of a modern home

home electric car Chargers

Our Level 2 charging stations enable quick charging, ensuring your electric vehicle is fully charged while you sleep, eat, or complete household tasks.

Electric vehicle charging at home after being installed by a professional electrician

Commercial electric car charger

Enhance your business’s productivity, satisfaction, and sustainability by installing commercial EV charging stations. Attract more customers and employees while generating new revenue streams.

our installation process is just

six easy steps

A Typical Installation takes about 3-4 hours & uses a standard household electric current. As part of your home’s electrical infrastructure, any charging system requires up-front planning for a safe and reliable installation.

*Our knowledgeable staff can assist you from start to finish ensuring that your electric car charging station has been installed according to the National Electrical Code and it is operating correctly.


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Call us to discuss where you would like your new charging station mounted.



In most cases, we can give you a ballpark price right over the phone.



Boston EVC acquires an electrical permit on the customer’s behalf prior to installation.



Boston EVC performs a custom installation to suit the customer's needs and specific requirements.



Boston EVC conducts an orientation and performs testing on your new electric car charging station.



Boston EVC initiates the electrical inspection request and offers ongoing technical support and service for your new charging station.

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Why Choose Boston EV?


We'll work with you directly to choose the perfect brand of EV charger for your home.


Our experts will install the perfect electric car charging stations for any commercial property.

Quick Installation

Our professionals will install your station within a few hours. You can even use it on the same day!

Licensed Electricians

Our professionals are licensed and can handle any electric vehicle charging installation.