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Installing a Level 2 charging station offers many benefits, including faster charging speeds (up to five times quicker than a 110V charger), increasing your electric vehicle’s range, and convenient overnight charging at home or work.

A Level 2 EV charging station provides a quicker charging speed (up to five times faster) compared to the Level 1 charger that comes with most electric vehicles. Level 1 chargers use a standard household outlet (110V), while Level 2 chargers require a 240V connection, similar to an electric dryer or stove.

Smart EV charging stations offer various features, including remote start/stop, charging data monitoring, access control through smartphone apps, real-time notifications, and energy management features for reduced electricity costs during peak hours.

The power capacity of your EV charging station should depend on your electric vehicle’s power acceptance. Most vehicles can efficiently charge with a 30A (7.2kW) station. However, a future-proof approach would be installing a 40A (9.6kW) station as newer EVs may have higher power acceptance.

The charging time varies depending on the vehicle model and its battery capacity. Generally, a 30A Level 2 station can charge up to five times faster than a Level 1 charger, while a 40A station can be up to seven times quicker.

To begin the process, request a free quote through our website. Our team will help you select and install the best EV charging station suited to your needs and preferences.

Yes, many Level 2 charging stations are designed for both indoor and outdoor installations. Look for charging stations with proper weatherproof ratings for reliable outdoor usage.

Yes, there may be federal, state, or local tax credits and rebates available for installing EV charging stations. Check with your local and state governments for current programs and incentives.

It’s highly recommended to have your EV charging station professionally installed by a licensed electrician, such as the experts at Boston EVC. This ensures proper installation and adherence to the National Electrical Code, providing a safe and reliable charging solution for your electric vehicle.

Yes, you can use a single Level 2 charging station to charge multiple electric vehicles as long as you charge them one at a time. If you need to charge multiple vehicles simultaneously, it’s advisable to install multiple charging stations or use charging stations with dual-charging capabilities.

Yes, as long as your EV charging station is designed for outdoor use and has the necessary weatherproof ratings, it’s safe to charge your electric vehicle during rain or snow.

The installation cost varies based on factors such as the chosen charging station model, electrical upgrades if needed, and labor costs. Requesting a quote from Boston EVC will provide a customized estimate for your specific installation.

Yes, most Level 2 charging stations use a universal connector (J1772) compatible with all major electric vehicle makes and models. However, Tesla vehicles require a J1772 to Tesla adapter for Level 2 charging compatibility.

Yes, Level 2 charging stations can be installed for commercial purposes to provide EV charging facilities at workplaces, retail centers, and apartments. Commercial installations may require additional planning and considerations, such as management features and multiple charging stations.

Many smart charging stations offer remote monitoring features through smartphone apps, providing real-time updates on your vehicle’s charging progress, energy usage, and cost.

Installing an EV charging station can potentially increase property value, as the demand for electric vehicles and charging infrastructure continues to grow. Homebuyers and renters may view charging stations as a convenient and attractive feature.

Level 2 EV charging stations are very efficient in reducing greenhouse gas emissions compared to gasoline-powered vehicles. Using electricity from clean sources (like solar or wind-powered) can further reduce your EV’s carbon footprint.

Yes, with a smart EV charging station, you can schedule your charging sessions during off-peak hours to take advantage of lower electricity rates and minimize your energy costs.

Some cities or municipalities may require permits for EV charging station installations. Boston EVC can help you obtain any necessary permits before starting the installation process.

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Commercial Rebates

Secure essential infrastructure completely rebated!

government Incentives

“Massachusetts Electric Vehicle Incentive Program”

MASSEVIP, under the Department of Environmental Protection, aims to help property owners and managers acquire electric vehicle (EV) charging stations. MassDEP accepts applications on a first-come, first-served basis until all available funding is spent.

Massachusetts Incentive Programs

The Public/Workspace Electric Vehicle Charging Station Grant 

The Public Access Charging Program provides 100% grants for Make-Ready costs In non-residential entities Including public parking lots, commercial office buildings, shopping centers, universities, etc. 

The Multi-Unit Dwelling Electric Vehicle Charging Station Grant

The Multi-Unit Dwelling Charging Program Provides 100% Grants for Make-Ready Costs in MUDs with five or more residential units.


The Public/Workplace and Multi-Unit Dwelling Charging Programs offer comprehensive financial assistance for the installation of electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure. Rebates cover the full range of make-ready installation expenses, with a cap of $400,000 per property. Additionally, the initiatives include a program that can fully reimburse of the costs associated with Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (charging hardware) based on environmental justice zone criteria. 

 “Make Ready” in this context refers to the preparatory work and infrastructure upgrades necessary to operate EV charging stations.

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