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Expert Electric Vehicle Charging Station Installation in Greater Boston

Electric vehicle (EV) adoption is on the rise, and having the right charging solution is key. Welcome to Boston EVC – your one-stop solution for all your residential and commercial EV charging station installation needs in the Greater Boston area. Our team of licensed electricians provides seamless, expert charging station installations using trusted brands, ensuring you get the best solution for your specific requirements.

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Your Guide to Installing Affordable & Safe Electric Car Charging Stations


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Our licensed and courteous electricians will install your EV charging station at your home or business, ensuring a safe and reliable setup.

We Install Affordable & Safe Electric Car Charging Stations At Your Home

Services we offer

Electric vehicle charging under a carport of a modern home

Home EV Charging installation

Our experienced team works with you to choose the ideal EV charger brand and model for your home and vehicle. We handle installation, maintenance, and updates to ensure your electric vehicle is ready to go when you need it.
Electric vehicle charging at home after being installed by a professional electrician

Commercial EV charging installation

Boost customer and employee satisfaction with fast, efficient charging stations at your place of business. Increase your brand value and attract eco-conscious customers and employees by installing commercial EV charging stations at your location.

our installation process is just

six easy steps

A Typical Installation takes about 3-4 hours & uses a standard household electric current. As part of your home’s electrical infrastructure, any charging system requires up-front planning for a safe and reliable installation.

*Our knowledgeable staff can assist you from start to finish ensuring that your electric car charging station has been installed according to the National Electrical Code and it is operating correctly.

Why Choose Boston EV?

Personalized Service

We work directly with you to select the perfect EV charger for your home or business


Our experts will install the perfect electric car charging stations for any commercial property.

Quick Installation

Our professionals will install your station within a few hours. You can even use it on the same day!

Licensed Electricians

Our professionals are licensed and can handle any electric vehicle charging installation.
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Why is it critical to pull a permit?

Boston EVC will not so any work without first obtaining a permit. Some EV installers are not specialists like Boston EVC but rather companies or individuals who, in order to save time and money, will not obtain a permit from your town for the work performed at your home or business. However, this can put you, the customer, at a great risk. 

Why is getting a permit important?

First, when you get a permit for your work, the electrical inspector will come to your home or business to check the work to make sure it was done properly. It is always good to have an experienced inspector look at the work as a second set of eyes to make sure that the required codes and practices are adhered to. Boston EVC is proud of our work and is very comfortable having it inspected.

Second, work done without a permit is prohibited by many if not most insurance policies. So, if you have someone come to your home or business and do work without a permit and something happens like a fire, your insurance company may deny coverage. Obviously it is not worth saving a few bucks at the price of risking what for many people is your most valuable asset.

Third, when you go to sell your property, your property is likely to be inspected by the buyer. That includes the buyer and their inspector checking with your town to make sure all of your work was done pursuant to a validly obtained permit. If they find a work was done without a permit they may not have enough confidence in the quality and safety of the work done to complete the transaction.

Additionally, if the buyer is getting a mortgage to buy your home, which is extremely likely, the buyer’s lender may not agree to go forward with the deal if the home has unpermitted work. Imagine not being able to sell your home because you decided to save a few dollars on an unqualified installer instead of using Boston EVC!

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